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What makes a photograph interesting? I am entranced by the ordinary,
the abstract; by light, color, and movement. Many times my photos are
about feelings... inexpressible and opaque, these emotions transfer over to the images.
My goal is to elicit emotional response from the viewer;
a sense of uncertain recognition of images they thought were uniquely theirs.

I have worked with and studied many forms of artistic expression
including drawing, painting, photography, computer graphics, poetry, fiber arts,
and ceramics and I continue to produce work in many of these disciplines.
I recently opened a store creating fabric items from my digital photography at
Art of Where. Please visit this and my other websites, KnitZy.com and ZeMondo.com, for more information.

All photos displayed, and many others, are available for purchase -- please inquire.
For more information, to view a high resolution image of a particular photo,
or to order please email me: ze at lightworld dot org